Why you should Bakers as your trade label printer. Reason #1

We continually reinvest in the latest print technology and equipment to stay at the forefront of the label printing industry.
Our managing director, Steve Baker, loves new kit. But not just any new kit – the best in the industry. And he doesn’t just dip a toe in, if he decides something is worth buying, we buy big…really big….sometimes crazy big. Read about recent investments on our website.
It’s always been that way and it means our customers benefit by having access to the machines that would often be out of their investment budget.
Have you considered how outsourcing some of your label work can help you grow? If you consider the team at Baker Labels as an extension to your own in-house production team then you’re immediately a better supplier to your customers. With full access to our advanced equipment, extensive workforce, label production experience and enduring enthusiasm you can get the job done.
Use our costs to your benefit and trust Bakers as your trade label printer.

Why you should Bakers as your trade label printer. Reason #2

Remove the risk of investment.

Do you want to invest in new equipment but know that the latest technology is often untried? Why take the risk until you can be confident it’s what you and your customers require?
If you have an opportunity for a game changing contract that would allow you to buy the equipment you want but you can’t win the contract without the equipment then that’s where using Baker Labels as your trade printer is a no brainer. Win the contract, buy the gear.
You can use Baker Labels to investigate the market to see how the technology will grow. We remove the risk and you benefit from our investment.


Why you should Bakers as your trade label printer. Reason #3

Baker Labels will help you retain your clients.

Don’t lose contracts because you can’t do what your customer requires. Have you ever received a request to quote for labels that you know you cannot produce? Maybe you don’t have the printing or finishing equipment required or the capacity to cope but this is a valued customer that you don’t want to risk letting down or losing to another supplier? That’s where Baker Labels should be your immediate go to!

90% of our customers are trade and with over 45 years of valued trade ethics that are second to none you can trust us with your customers’ work. We’ll quote quickly because we know what a big deal that is and we will produce work you’d be proud of at competitive trade prices.

Labels are what we do, it’s what we’re great at and you can trust us to get the job done.


Why you should Bakers as your trade label printer. Reason #4

It’s a known cost.

Baker Labels can quote you (quickly) for work that maybe you could do yourself, or at least have a go at. You might even decide to give it a go anyway, then another go and maybe even one more go before you nail what your customer has asked for. Doing it yourself can cost a lot of money in time, materials and a few other random unexpected spanners that you didn’t budget for. Then your customer may still not be happy with what you’ve produced and you’re left sad, frustrated, out of pocket and wishing you’d just asked Bakers to do that job for you, at a cost you were quoted for at the very start.

Using Baker Labels gives you a known cost, straight away. What’s more, we’re very good at what we do, have tonnes of experience and can most likely provide you with cost effective solutions to the trickiest of jobs.


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