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Digitally Printed Flexible Packaging
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Short to Medium Runs with Fast Turnaround

Printed on HP Indigo 20000

Laminated on Enprom Thermal Laminator

Converted on Karlville Pouchmaker

Trade Services from BakPac

Producing complete pouches

 for various markets in different materials and with a selection of finishes and embellishments.

Print only roll stock

for you to laminate and convert to pouches yourself.

Print and laminate

for you to convert. We use an Enprom Thermal Laminator that is solvent free and can offer a wide range of suitable laminating materials.

Pouch conversion from your printed stock

We can convert your pre prepared stock if you have used our template layouts.

Pouch conversion from your printed stock

We can convert your pre prepared stock if you have used our template layouts.

Material supplied – we print on your supplies of material.

 Perhaps your customer requires pouches manufactured with a specific material that you produce. You can supply us directly with the raw material and we can do the rest.

Concept proofing

Ultra short runs with variable data, images, finishes and materials to provide your customers with the real thing before committing to full production.

White label packaging and invoicing

 As a trade supplier we will package, ship and invoice without any BakPac branding. If supplied we can use your own branding.

You can trust us with your customers’ work.

We will work with you to:

Maximise the Profit of every account

Digitally printed flexible packaging may only represent a tiny percentage of the work your customers enquire about but in the growing digital climate, it is likely to increase. As your trade supplier we can help ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to maximise profits on all prospective digital enquiries.

Retain customers that are considering the digital benefits of flexible packaging.

The attraction of short runs and variability that digital flexible packaging offers is perfect for your customers’ seasonal specials, trials and many small to medium businesses. By working with BakPac you can offer this to your customers instead of them moving to another supplier. They’ll soon want to scale up and you’ll be able to do that without a break in the relationship.

Help customers grow with more variation.

Your customer may currently want short runs of 5 different variations to test the market. The cost threshold of digital v traditional is decreasing so BakPac will not be suitable for end users requiring higher quantities but while they’re growing we’re perfectly positioned.

Offer a new range to your conventional service.

Don’t miss out on new enquiries that are only looking for the advantages of digitally printed flexible packaging. Add it to your range of services and use BakPac as an extension to your production team.

Help Customers reduce waste.

The production of conventional flexible packaging involves high MOQs that often means that your customers order far more than they require and thousands are eventually thrown away. BakPac has no MOQs so you can provide your customers with the quantity they really want, when they want. They may require the same quantity annually but want to spread the quantity out across the year to allow for better stock control.


We’re a quick phone call away from any questions you might have on 01277 281930 but here are a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Are your pouches recyclable?

Standard pouch materials can be recycled through specialist contractors. Fully PE pouches are available and can be widely recycled in the UK.

Can you supply templates for pouches?

Yes, we can. Please ask and we will get one created for your specified size.

Are there a range of different zippers available?

We have a high-quality zipper that will fit most applications but please do get in touch if you have a specific requirement.

Can you supply compostable pouches?

Yes, we can but materials are very specialist. End use and design need careful consideration so please do get in touch if you have a compostable project.

Do you have an MOQ?

No but there is a minimum cost to set all parts of the process up. Depending on the size of the pouch 250 per design is a good starting point.

How do I choose a material?

We have a range of materials that will cover what you need. All we need to know is the product you are packing, the environment it will be packed and kept in and your intended shelf life if the goods are perishable

Can I request a sample of your product?

Yes, please request a sample ideally with some background information regarding the usage of the packaging.

What is the lead time for pouches?

Standard lead time is 10-15 working days however for emergencies we are always here to help.

Can you help with the design?

We do not have design facilities, but we can recommend a packaging designer

Do you know how I will fill my pouch through the spout?

Yes, we can recommend someone who can work with you to find the best through the spout filling option to suit your business.

What is the smallest stand up pouch you can make with a zipper?

145mm (h) x 80mm (h) with a 2 x 15mm Gusset.

What is the smallest pillow pouch/sachet you can make with a zipper?

145mm (h) x 80mm (w)