The Brentwood Environmental Business Alliance (BEBA)


It all started as a simple enquiry to Brentwood Borough Council about planting trees. It has since grown to the launch of the Brentwood Environmental Business Alliance. We had the desire to put something back into the local community while also off-setting our impact on the environment. The conversation with Chris Hossack, leader of Brentwood Council soon escalated and the seeds of BEBA were planted.

Why did Baker Labels approach Brentwood Borough Council?

As a manufacturer, we are aware of the quantity of production waste we create and also the need to do something about it. Baker Labels now employs over 100 members of staff within a fifty thousand square foot factory in Brentwood. Although there are ways to reduce some of the waste produced and the amount of energy used, there will always be a lot. It is unavoidable in the successful manufacture of labels and packaging. Instead, we have started to look at ways of off-setting the carbon footprint we create.

It was a simple thought: pay for trees – create more green spaces – reduce our carbon footprint – feel better! There’s so much we can do and are already doing as a business but if we can also do it while improving Brentwood and Essex, that’s even better. ” Steve Baker, Managing Director.

The BEBA initiative was launched by Brentwood Borough Council at the Brentwood Business Showcase event on the 20th October.


BEBA Launch

It aims to bring together businesses across the borough to encourage more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. It will provide a platform to collaborate, learn and a place to identify information resources for businesses.

BEBA is a vehicle which allows the business community to collaborate to tackle the impact of climate change on the environment. It is a place to share ideas, learn best practices, co-ordinate activities and recognise achievements. Whilst climate change is a global issue, businesses are keen to be doing something at a local level. The principle being that a cumulative of local level impact can have a global effect.

“We have established BEBA for all Brentwood businesses to help tackle this global problem at a local level. It enables businesses to do their bit and have a positive impact on this environmental issue. Brentwood businesses can sign up to The Pledge to demonstrate their commitment to going green, reducing carbon and being more sustainable to help our planet. Brentwood Council announced it will be Carbon Neutral by 2040 and we challenge our local businesses to work with us to achieve the same.” Chris Hossack, Leader of Brentwood Council

Does your business want to join BEBA?

If you’re interested in joining BEBA and making your business pledge for Brentwood, visit the new website