Bakers Labels was delighted to support local Brentwood charity, SNAP. We provided sticker sheets and temporary tattoos for their yearly summer event. SIBS4FUN is solely for the siblings of children with disabilities to allow them to have a well-deserved break from their usual caretaking responsibilities and to meet other children who are in similar circumstances.

‘I have loved my days at SIBS! They have been some of the best days of the six-week holiday. Also, it was lovely to have a couple of days that I could have fun and socialise with children just like me.’ One of the children that attended SIBS4FUN

This year the theme was The Wild West, so the stickers and tattoos included sheriff badges, dynamite, cowboy hats and boots.

‘The tattoo parlour is one of the most popular activities every year, with children covering themselves (and staff!) head to toe in brilliantly designed tattoos.’ – Karen Boath

We also created fun interactive colour in sticker booklets that allowed the children to create a face in a wanted poster. They were so much fun that even a few staff members at Bakers had to give it a go!

Over the two-day event 4 volunteers from Bakers went to man the mocktail bar, also known as ‘The Watering Hole’. They served fruit juice mocktails (provided by Bakers) such as the Texan Twist, Cowboy Colada and Lassoo Woowoo.

SNAP is a local Brentwood charity that Bakers has been long-time supporters of. SNAP stands for Special Needs and Parents and was founded over 25 years ago. This incredible charity provides a helping hand to children and young people with special needs, along with their families. To read more about SNAP visit our charity page.

Baker Labels is proud to support such an amazing charity like SNAP and pleased that our donations can help provide such a fun day for both children and staff.


‘Thank you for once again providing stickers, tattoos, activities and the Mocktails Tent as well as a £100 donation towards our SIBS4FUN week this year. We are incredibly grateful for your continued support and for helping ensure the week was special. Please pass along our heartfelt thanks to everyone at Baker Labels for all this wonderful support.’
Karen Boath

Director Family Services, SNAP