Bakers’ Lifters and Shifters

At Bakers we know that frequent and heavy lifting can cause back injuries but using lifting and handling equipment can remove or reduce that risk and keep our staff healthy and at work. Not only that, the right equipment can improve efficiency around the factory floor and materials warehouse.

Back injuries from manual handling are a major cause of occupational ill health in the UK but they can often be prevented by cost-effective measures. With the right equipment for the job, Bakers is benefitting from improved productivity while at the same time we are limiting the options for liability and reducing the chance of injury or ill health to our employees.

Our fleet of “Lifters and Shifters” include two forklifts (one electric reach and one counter balance), two BT Staxio stackers and most recently two electric pallet trucks. When considering the purchase of new equipment, management involves employees and safety representatives to assess and consider possible solutions. Staff are always encouraged to let management know about any issues they face and any ideas they have to help resolve them.

To manage Health and Safety in the warehouse and on the factory floor, regular training, maintenance and daily checklists are key to the smooth and safe use of all our equipment. With the right equipment for the right job Bakers can also ensure that no matter the size or strength of staff members, all jobs can be carried out efficiently.