At a time when charities are facing a huge reduction in revenue Baker Labels are doing what they can to support local charities.

The cancellation of any kind of fundraising events has hit the charity sector hard. The demand for charitable services and the costs of their overheads do not reduce so it’s very difficult for most charities to manage the strain.

Kids Inspire

Baker Labels has made a £5000 donation to Kids Inspire this week.

Kids Inspire are still fully operational, seeing 95% of our service users online,  5% of the most vulnerable individuals face to face but following all protocols.

Sadly we have lost 50% of our funding due to the cancellation of all events, community and corporate activities.

As we remain operational, we can only furlough six of our business/fundraising team, therefore our costs remain constant.

Our therapists had some tough online sessions last week.  Suicidal people don’t put their depression on hold because there’s a pandemic. Neglected children don’t suddenly get looked after properly by their often mentally unwell parent.  We are needed now more than ever.  Our therapists are qualified and accredited, and we can depend on them to make a difference.  Social media is saturated with individuals offering online support – but do they really know how to support a 14-year-old who feels even more that life isn’t worth living.

Thank you to Bakers for their continued support that will enable us to continue with our vital work in the community during this difficult time.

Paula Ashfield, Fundraising & Communications Manager


Brentwood Foodbank

Things have changed a lot recently and the Brentwood Foodbank found themselves facing problems that they had not had before. Bakers have been able to order large deliveries to support the Foodbank in the past but this has not been possible lately with restrictions on maximum orders put in place by large supermarkets.
Baker Labels has made a £1000 donation to the Brentwood Foodbank this week as well as groceries donated by staff.

To all our friends at Baker Labels,

In this very difficult time, I would like to say a heartfelt and huge THANK YOU to all who have contributed food towards the Foodbank. It is the kindness and generosity of people like yourselves that we can meet and assist those who are struggling.

Unfortunately, in view of the situation we all find ourselves in, there are those in our community facing real hardships due to loss of jobs and income.

“May I wish you all good health, stay safe and once again, thank you for your very generous financial gift and gift of food. Be assured this will be used wisely and will bless many people.”

Julie Bowler, Brentwood Food Bank

Challenging Times

It’s during times like these that it’s important to help others when you can, if you’re in a position to do so. There’s a strong sense of family and community at Baker Labels which has been instilled in the company from the very beginning and embraced and encouraged by Steve and Mandy Baker now.

Most recently involvement in the Salute the NHS campaign (that will see Baker Labels produce around 3 million labels free of charge over the next three month) and the supply of 1000 PPE face masks for local NHS facilities are examples of how it’s possible to be able to do the right thing during challenging times.