Bakers proudly supported SNAP’s event SIBS4FUN for another year, demonstrating our longstanding commitment to this local charitable organisation.

SNAP, a dedicated charity, provides invaluable support and resources to children with special needs and their families. Once a year, they host the SIBS4FUN week, a remarkable initiative designed for children aged 6-13 who have siblings with special needs. This weeklong event offers these siblings a break from their usual caregiving responsibilities, while giving them the opportunity to connect with others facing a similar home dynamic. During this week, they build confidence and lasting friendships, these qualities are assessed by SNAP at the beginning and end of the week to measure their progress.

Bakers actively contributes to the success of this event by financing specific activities and producing stickers and tattoos.

Each year, SIBS4FUN adopts a unique theme, and this year, it revolved around the concept of the beach. The week was brimming with enjoyable activities, including sandcastle building, tie-dying T-shirts, inflatables, games, and even a visit from a petting zoo. In addition to providing stickers, tattoos, and a colouring in sticker sheet, Bakers sponsored a helter-skelter bouncy castle, a mocktail tent and an ice cream van visit.

This year, the event welcomed 47 participating children.

Many siblings that are now over 13 years were eager to volunteer as young helpers. The application process for these young helpers was similar to applying for a job, offering them a valuable life experience. This year, 8 former SIBS4FUN attendees transitioned into roles as young helpers. This transition highlights the lasting impact and enjoyment these young people derive from their time at SIBS4FUN.

Beach theme tattoos
Inflatable helter-skelter funded by Bakers

Bella, who formerly attended as a ‘SIB’ and now serves as a young helper, shared her experience.

I’ve been going to SIBS4FUN since I was 6 and now I’m 15. It’s a lot of fun and it gives me something to look forward to every year. It really helped in the summer holidays to have something for ‘me’ when I was younger, and have attention on me specifically and not on what my brother wanted to do. It was really nice to have a “me day” or a “me week” once every year.

Last year was my first year as a SIBS helper. I put my name forward and got in! It wasn’t the same as attending as a SIB but I still had so much fun supporting and enabling the kids to have fun. It was so good being together and seeing familiar faces as well as being with all the big SIBS, who I grew up with and are such great friends. We can all come together and support the younger SIBS as we’ve been there. We all get it, we all understand and relate to one another because we all have siblings with an additional need or disability. Not everyone understands the pressures, responsibilities and things we can miss out on. There’s such a togetherness at SIBS. It’s like one big family. There’s always tears at the end of the week because we’ve all had such an amazing time. I can’t thank SNAP enough!

Bakers takes immense pride in sponsoring SNAP for another year of SIBS4FUN. It’s an extraordinary event that has benefited countless children and their families.

To read more about Bakers’ involvement with local charities, please visit our charity page.