Have you added digital embellishments to your labels?


Since the installation of the DigiJet, the digital embellishment module on one of our ABG Digicons, we’ve seen stunning results on our customers’ labels. Of course because they’re trade, we can’t show them to you – you’ll just have to take our word for it! However, we’ve produced a range of sample packs to show off what it can do.

Digital foiling
Digital varnishing

If you haven’t received one of our free digital embellishment sample packs you can order one here:

Digital varnish
Digiatl embellishments
The DigiJet module can fulfill an exciting range of embellishment needs for your labels.
Digital foiled whisky label

Every label can be unique.

The potential to foil variable data can bring an added security element against counterfeiting to high value products such as whisky. With the increasing demand for personalisation, foiling individual names adds value and desirability to the labels.

Digital foiled whisky label

Digital Foiling

Extra fine detailed foiling and bold foil areas together. Conventionally, the different pressure demands of intricate foiling alongside a large solid area can be a huge challenge to get right, or even manage in one pass.

With the DigiJet this can be done without tooling and in one pass.

Snakeskin effect varnishing

High build varnish

If you’re looking for a raised silkscreen effect such as a high build varnish, we can do that – and on multiple layers too. The precision and variation capablities rival silkscreening but without the additional tooling costs so the opportunity to create different versions in one order are realistic on the pocket.

Wine label

Background varnish effects

Because the process is not suited to textured papers we can create a similar effect by varnishing a pattern of your own creation to a matt wine material. Whether you want it to feel like linen, wood bark or something more out of this world, a background varnish effect adds a quality feel to a label.

Sales Toolkit

Although we package our sample packs in one of our own branded pillow pouches (produced in BakPac), the label designs are all unbranded trade samples. That way there are no dramas with showing them to your customers – you can claim them as your own and we’re completely ok with that – in fact we encourage it.

In addition, to help guide you through the samples, we’ve prepared a sales toolkit. This explains the thoughts and details behind their production and includes images of the artwork files used.

Artwork file for varnish
Artwork file
With the DigiJet being a relatively new process for reel label production it can be a challenge to sell the concept to customers when you maybe don’t know all the ins and outs. If you need more details on technical capabilities and how you can add value to your customers’ labels we hope the sales toolkit will help.

Request a Digital Embellishment Sale Toolkit 


Maybe it can also inspire you with ideas of your own to sell to your customers. If you’d like to share the toolkit with your customers, an unbranded version is available on request.

Any questions – just ask the team. We’re here to find the best solutions for all your label enquiries.

Call us on 01277 281 900 or email sales@bakerlabels.co.uk