Baker Labels continues to support the local community by donating a further £500 worth of food to the Brentwood Foodbank.



Following a £2000 donation at Christmas and a staff collection delivered to them in March, Bakers enquired if there were any items in particular short supply that needed replenished. With over 1000 three day emergency food supplies given out last year to local families, it’s little surprise that the need for replenishments was already desperately needed. Despite the generous festive donations from the people of Brentwood just four months earlier, they were almost out of supplies of items such as instant mash, tinned vegetables, savoury rice, flavoured pasta plus tins of spaghetti and rice pudding.

At Bakers we firmly believe that no-one should go hungry, especially not in our local area and we will continue to support Brentwood Foodbank as long as the need is there.

A group of employees from various departments across Bakers delivered the crates of food to the central foodbank warehouse. There they met the team of dedicated volunteers who weigh and organise every single item donated to them before distributing it to either the Breakthru Church in Hutton or Dodd Road Church foodbank in Brentwood. Having been given a guided tour by Bonnie and Gerry, the team from Bakers were inspired to do more and help where they could.

It is the generosity and kindness of people who give so freely that we are able to help those in serious circumstances. Sadly due to many issues, we are finding the need of the Food Bank is becoming more of a necessity for survival to many. Circumstances are changing in people’s lives and due to the present government situation: people are finding themselves in great difficulty. Julie Bowler, Brentwood Foodbank