A Digital Labels and Packaging Open House Event for HP Customers

A big thank you to everyone that joined us for the HP Indigo Digital Labels and Flexible Packaging event here at Baker Labels and BakPac on Thursday 7th July 2022.

It was great to meet label and packaging customers, partners, peers and suppliers to discuss changes and opportunitues in the industry, while showing off our label and flexible packaging facilities and capabilities.

Thanks to the HP Indigo team Dana Craciun, Kester Lees, Tony Lock, Andy Pike, Josep Isart, Alex Bernaus Johnson, and Martin Rojas Farrell for all the planning and presenting. Our own Steve Baker and Jamie Godson intoduced guests to Bakers and our HYBRID Software and GMG Color plus we had guest presenters Floriana Montella from A B Graphic International, Marc Planella from Enprom Solutions and Alan Lewis & Andrei Nistor from Karlville. Thanks also to Mark Moseley from UEI® Falcontec and Paul Bates from Hybrid for joining to support the event.