International Women’s Day 8th March

The print industry is undeniably a predominantly male, perhaps even “aging male” industry. The traditional history of print production has created this, but as the industry has grown and modernised, many more women now hold influential and vital positions in print business around the world.

This is definitely and proudly true at Bakers, an independent family run label and packaging production business. In fact, the company wouldn’t have even got off the ground without the first female in the company, Marian Baker who founded Baker Labels in 1973 with her husband Roy. Her tenacity and diligence to keep the customers paying and the books balanced built the foundations for Baker Labels to grow and succeed.


Roy and Marian Baker

Roy and Marian Baker

Present day at Bakers and although just over 30% of our 110 staff are women, there is representation in every single department and every level, from Apprentice to Management.

A new label order could be processed by a woman at every step as it passed through each of the 12 processes from Marketing – Sales – Quoting – Admin – Planning* – Studio – Print – Finishing – Quality Control – Despatch – Invoicing

To celebrate this, we’ll introduce you to some of the women at Bakers who keep things moving, in check, feeling good and working efficiently.


Clare Coles

Clare, HR Manager

I believe that being respectful, fair and a logical thinker has contributed to my career success so far.

The thing that makes me proud in work are the apprentices. It is amazing watching their progression from their first interview to the completion of their apprenticeship and after. Bakers is better for having them.

Indre, Studio Operator 

I am passionate about what I do and always look for ways to learn more. If I make a mistake, I always take it as a learning curve.

The most significant career milestone for me was my first retouch, it was printed in some big places. My favourite thing about Bakers is working with colour and the sense of community.  I have had so many good memories at Bakers I cannot pinpoint one.

International Woman's Day Women in Print
International Woman's Day Women in Print

Kirsty, PR  & Marketing Manager

I had a lot to learn about the label and packaging industry when I joined Bakers. Men in this industry love to talk about labels, print quality, machines, inks and all the technical stuff that make it work. It’s all fascinating when it’s your passion but sometimes they just need a reminder that it needs to be made to look or sound a bit more interesting to the wider population! It doesn’t take much and it’s a great industry to be creative in.

Charlotte, Office Apprentice

One thing I am proud of is my personal development, I am a lot more confident than I ever have been. I feel that my drive and commitment to growth has contributed to my success so far.

The most significant career milestone for me is taking a leap to pursue my career at Bakers. My best memory of Bakers so far is the quiz nights, the people I work with bring joy to me at work.


Bakers Apprentice 2024
International Women's Day Women in Print

Martina, Digital Press Operator

When I joined Bakers in the finishing department I knew that I wanted to progress and train to be an HP Indigo Press Operator. I worked hard for the opportunity and enjoy the challenge and responsibility.

I’m proud of the skills I have learned. Bakers provides opportunities to learn and build your career and encourage us to improve and expand our knowledge. I feel respected for the progression I have made.


Jo, Rewinder (at Bakers since 1996)

Roy and Marion were absolutely lovely. Roy looked after me well. It felt like family and they’ve really looked after me over the years. They’ve helped me out a lot. This job has given me stability, which for a single mother with two kids was so important. I’ve made loads of friends. When I started my kids were only little and now I’m a nanny to 4 grand kids!

I’ve seen the company grow and grow and I’m so proud of Steve and what he’s done with the business.

International Women's Day Women in Print
Olivia Mc

Olivia Senior PR & Marketing Assistant

I feel that my creativity, dedication and commitment to my professional development has contributed to my success so far.

Being at Bakers in the role I am now is a significant career milestone for me. I am doing something I love with people who make me laugh.

My favourite quote is “Life is like a camera. Focus on the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t work out, take another shot”

Hollie, Despatch Coordinator

My favourite thing about working at Bakers is definitely the dogs Ted and Benji. One of my biggest achievements is completing the National 3 Peaks challenge with Bakers. I managed to raise £1000 for a cause close to me.

We’ve worked hard as a team in Despatch to improve processes. I know my input to this was important and valued.

International Women's Day Women In Print
International Women's Day

Michaela, BakPac Operator

My favourite memory of Bakers is the end of year celebration. It is great working with people who make you happy.

I believe my determination, loyalty and good work ethic has got me to where I am now.

Eider, Despatch Assistant

I am proud of my self-development, I have a good work ethic, I am determined and loyal. My favourite thing about working at Bakers is my colleagues, I really enjoy the end of year celebration too.

My favourite quote is “When you say yes to others make sure you are not saying no to yourself”.

When I was younger, I wanted to be an astronomer.

International Woman's Day Women in print

Women in Production and Technical Roles

While more women are joining Bakers across all divisions they are still more likely to be in administration and office-based roles than on technical and manufacturing teams. We’re keen to change this. If you are interested in a career with Bakers get in touch. 


To learn more about working at Bakers and the opportunities available

*(Ok, not quite – our planning department needs a woman to make this 100% true but we’re working on that!)