Baker Labels has continued its support of the Brentwood Foodbank with another donation to the charity.


Over the last couple of weeks, staff at Bakers have been adding extra groceries to their shopping trollies and dropping them in to the collection at work. We also purchased over £500 worth of additional groceries from Tesco to donate. The Brentwood Foodbank is one of the local charities regularly supported by Baker Labels. This latest collection is the third contribution to the charity this year, with another one planned before Christmas.

Collecting for the foodbank
colecting for the foodbank

What kind of groceries can be donated to the foodbank?

Before making donations to the Brentwood Foodbank we always refer to their website for their Most Needed Shopping List. On this occasion, they required cleaning and personal hygiene products. This included detergent, toothbrushes, deoderants and hand soap. In addition, we also purchased the regular non-perishable items such as tinned meats, potatoes and vegetables. Fruit juices, savoury rice and long life milk were also on the list. As we’re approaching the festive season, many staff donated chocolate and sweet treats. Selection boxes, biscuits and deserts are always welcomed at this time of year.

Where can donations be made?

90% of the food distributed by foodbanks is donated by the public. They rely almost entirely on kindness and goodwill to be able to support everyone referred to them. Each person is provided with a balanced and nutritious three day supply of food as a minimum. If you live in or around Brentwood, you can make donations to the foodbank at several different locations Please refer to the image below or their website if you want to know where and when.

Where to donate to Brentwood Foodbank

Donate to Foodbanks

Find your nearest foodbank and details needed to donate.