HP Smartstream Designer Mosaic for Labels and Packaging

For Variable Images, Patterns and Colours
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Do you agree that creating eye catching labels is usually the goal for any product on a shop shelf?

So any tricks and tools that give an extra dimension to the design, marketing and promotion have got to add value. Let us introduce you to HP Smartstream Designer Mosaic

Mosaic allows you to create hundreds, thousands or even millions of unique labels using just one seed pattern.

New Trade Label Samples

To give you an idea of what this means, we’ve created new labels to add to our trade sample packs. Using HP Smartstream Mosaic no two labels are the same, yet they all share a consistent branding.

Watch to see how HP Smartstream Mosaic can be used in label design.

Mosaic Seed File

Mosaic seed file

Before including the Mosaic layer

plain label

Examples of the variations created from one seed file

Mosaic label
Mosaic label
Mosaic label
Mosaic label

Why add Mosaic to labels or packaging design?

Mosaic adds value. Every label or pouch can be unique

Maintain brand identity while also producing mass customisation and personalisation

Distinction from similar in the market

Increases the impact of VDP jobs to go beyond just variable data but variable images.

Increase consumer engagement by creating one-of-a-kind products. Encourages ownership, sharing, collecting.

Do you want to see them for real?

If you would like to see how we have used HP Smartstream Mosaic and Collage in our sample labels, just request one of our unbranded sample packs.

Not Just For Labels

This digital technology is not limited to just labels. We can use it for pouches too. Using our HP Indigo 20k we can use HP Smartstream Designer Mosaic to print variable image pouches. Our examples below used 3 different seed patterns to represent the 3 flavours of chocolates. Each flavour has thousands of variations, yet branding remains consistent.

Ask For Info and Samples

If you have clients or customers that require this kind of innovative labels or packaging, get in touch. We can give you more details on how you can use HP Smartstream Mosaic and Collage to add value to labels and pouches. There are so many creative designers out there that could go wild with this – they just need to know it’s possible.