New Bakers Team Members Help Deliver Foodbank Donation

Bonnie and Jem from the Brentwood Foodbank paid us a visit at Bakers yesterday to collect over £700 worth of groceries. New recuits to the company Harvey Dailly and Anwar Murad assisted the Foodbank volunteers load crates of groceries into their van to go to the main warehouse in Brentood town centre. This included food, festive treats, cleaning and personal products to help restock the supplies required to support Brentwood families. Contributions were made by staff members as well as the company itself.

There has been a marked increase in the number of people needing the Foodbank’s help over the last couple of months and this is likely to continue to increase during these challenging times.Baker Labels has made several donations to Brentwood Foodbank in the last twelve months and will continue to do so in the run up to Christmas.