Our wellbeing at work program took a few tiny leaps and bounds last week when we welcomed Paws in Work to our factory in Brentwood, Essex.

We are puppy therapy specialists who bring a litter of gorgeous puppies to your office. We create a dedicated puppy-safe environment, then welcome staff members to come and stock up on cuddles and belly rubs.

With 30min sessions throughout the day, our staff took a break from work and spent time with 6 gorgeous 7 week old dachshunds. Positive energy flowed all day in the relaxed space. The Paws in Work team were excellent and engaged with our staff. There was encouragement for gentle relaxation and escapism. When we returned to our work after, we were bursting with positive energy and love. 

Here’s how our day went with Paws in Work.

View our gallery of images. Warning…heartstrings will be pulled!

Bakers is an award winning place to work.  There is a real focus on our staff’s mental and physical wellbeing. In addition, there has also been a focus on staff training with the launch of Bakers Academy. All new and existing employees gain a more rounded understanding of the business. This focus has allowed our staff to gain a wide knowledge of printing and means we are well versed in supporting our team when it comes to learning. 

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