The Speed Advantage: Quickly Adapting Your Packaging for Euro 2024 Promotions

In the fast-paced world of marketing, particularly around major events like Euro 2024, the ability to quickly adapt and respond to trends and consumer demands is crucial. Digital print technology offers unparalleled speed and flexibility, enabling brands to swiftly modify their packaging to capitalise on the excitement and engagement surrounding the event. At  Baker Labels and also at BakPac, we harness this technology to deliver rapid, high-quality label and packaging solutions that keep brands ahead of the game.

The Need for Speed in Event Marketing

Euro 2024 presents a unique opportunity for brands to connect with a massive audience of passionate football fans. However, the window for capitalising on this event is narrow, and agility in marketing efforts is key. Traditional printing methods, with their lengthy setup times and inflexible processes, often cannot keep pace with the dynamic nature of event-driven promotions. This is where digital print technology shines.

Advantages of Digital Print for Rapid Packaging Adaptation

  1. Fast Turnaround Times

Digital print significantly reduces the time required from design to production:

No Printing Plates: Unlike traditional methods, digital print does not require the creation of printing plates. This eliminates a time-consuming step, allowing for quicker start times.

Direct-to-Print Process: Designs can be sent directly to the printer, streamlining the entire workflow and enabling rapid changes and updates.

  1. Flexibility in Design and Production

Digital print allows for easy modifications and iterations:

Quick Design Changes: If there are last-minute changes in promotional content or design, digital print can accommodate these quickly without significant delays or added costs.

Short Runs and Prototypes: It’s economically viable to produce short runs or even individual prototypes, ideal for testing new designs or creating limited edition packaging.

  1. On-Demand Printing

Produce only what you need, when you need it:

Reduce Waste: Digital printing’s on-demand nature helps in reducing overproduction and waste, making it a more sustainable option.

Just-in-Time Delivery: Align production closely with demand, ensuring that you have the right packaging at the right time, especially important for event-based promotions.

  1. Consistency and Quality

Maintaining high quality even under tight deadlines:

High-Resolution Prints: Digital print technology ensures that each print run maintains consistent, high-quality results.

Colour Accuracy: Our HP indigo 200K and 6K presses provide excellent colour accuracy, crucial for maintaining brand integrity across different batches.

labels on digital press

Agile Label Solutions for Euro 2024

Baker Labels utilises digital print to deliver labels that meet the demands of fast-paced promotions:

Dynamic Content Updates: Quickly update label designs to reflect new marketing campaigns, player highlights, or match schedules.

Small Batch Flexibility: Produce small batches for special events, regional promotions, or exclusive offers, ensuring relevance and freshness.

BakPac: Swift and Flexible Pouch Production

At BakPac, we leverage digital print to offer quick and adaptable pouch production:

Event-Specific Designs: Rapidly produce pouches featuring Euro 2024 themes, player images, or special promotions, responding swiftly to the latest trends and fan interests.

Custom and Limited Editions: Easily create customized or limited-edition pouches that appeal to collectors and enthusiasts, enhancing brand loyalty.

Visit BakPac website for sustainable flexible packaging.


In the lead-up to Euro 2024, the ability to quickly adapt packaging is a significant competitive advantage. Digital print technology provides the speed, flexibility, and quality needed to ensure your brand remains agile and responsive to market demands. At BakPac and Baker Labels, our digital print capabilities enable us to deliver high-impact, event-specific packaging solutions with unprecedented speed.

By choosing digital print, you not only enhance your ability to engage with fans but also ensure that your packaging reflects the dynamic and exciting nature of Euro 2024. Embrace the speed advantage with us and stay ahead of the competition during this major sporting event.


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