Salute the NHS campaign – the Story So Far

Two months ago Baker Labels committed to producing around 3 million labels free of charge for Salute the NHS over the following 3 months.

The campaign has now delivered nearly 500,000 meal packs, 3.5 million food products, and 22,000 personal care packs to the NHS frontline. They are working with around 40 hospitals across the country. That is an amazing achievement on its own but the job isn’t finished yet and they are on track to hit one million meal packs in July.

Our role at Bakers has been to produce the various labels the campaign has required.

From labelling cake bars, food boxes and Easter eggs to Yodel delivery vans and Unilever care packs, all for NHS frontline staff.

We are very proud of the part Baker Labels has played in the Salute the NHS campaign.

Our press operators and despatch teams have worked incredibly hard to ensure the quality and turnaround time required for this project was met.

It’s really inspiring to see how the whole story came together and how many volunteers the Salute team were able to recruit and deploy in a short space if time.

This video, put together by Ron Dennis and the Salute The NHS team gives you the full picture of the incredible collaboration of companies, individuals and organisations over the last two month.