Baker Labels is officially accredited with Working Well Essex Level 1 for Wellbeing at Work.

This level of accreditation is the first step in a process to evaluate, plan and improve the wellbeing programme already in place at Bakers. As a company that has already achieved recognition as being both Brentwood and Essex Employer of the Year, along with Active Essex Active Workplace of the Year, staff wellbeing has been a focus for Bakers for many years. Achieving a recognised accreditation will ensure there is a structure and plan in place for the future. In addition, Working Well provide guidance towards available staff training, support and development.

How was Level 1 achieved?

To achieve the first level of Working Well accreditation Bakers had to do several things that form the basis for all accreditation levels going forward. An outline of these would be:

  • Sign a Partnership agreement with Provide, committing to actively support and encourage staff to make lifestyle behaviour changes.
  • Evidence company policies and procedures
  • Recruit a team of “Workplace Health Champions” from across all areas of the business. These WHCs had to complete training that included completing the “Making Every Contact Count” and “Suicide Awareness Training” courses.
  • Create an anonymous staff survey to gauge levels of physical and mental health, eating and drinking habits and where they were unhappy and are looking to improve.
  • Establish a plan of action from the survey results to ensure improvements are made.
  • Evidence how any events, support and training is communicated throughout the business.


Workplace Health Champions

Our team of WHCs volunteered from all areas and levels of the company. HR Manager Clare Coles and Marketing Manager Kirsty Dailly represent the management level, with male and female staff from all departments including Digital, Materials, Accounts, Despatch, Admin, BakPac, Maintenance and Marketing.

Workplace Health Champions

Having representation from across the different departments allows the wellbeing programme to be inclusive. Several of the Workplace Health Champions have also signed up for additional training in Mental Health First Aid. They see their involvement as not only a force for good, but as part of their own continued professional development.

Targeting Levels 2 and 3

Over the next couple of months our WHCs will be planning, engaging, recording and evidencing various events, projects and training programmes. Many of these we currently have in place already, such as having an inhouse company gym; providing free fresh fruit, tea and coffee; supporting charities and volunteering. With Bakers Academy we also ensure all training is provided for continuous professional development.

There is still a lot to do but to quote Managing Director Steve Baker, “People are Bakers’ greatest assets, and we invest a great deal in the growth and development both professionally and personally to ensure we have motivated, skilled, loyal employees.”

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