Installations, Investments and Independence


It has been a very interesting and exciting week here at Bakers…


  • Monday it was all about the installation of our 2nd Galaxy Packtech pouch maker – the 1st installed into our new BakPac production unit.
  • Tuesday, over a cup of tea, Steve Baker decided he might want to invest in another HP Indigo 200K.
  • Wednesday Steve, Harry and Tom Baker flew to Germany to attend Drupa, the largest printing exhibition in the world, where they met the HP team.
  • Thursday Steve signed a deal for our 2nd HP 200K and without taking his foot off the gas, the Baker boys immediately visited the Durst stand and struck a deal for a TAU 340 RSC.
  • Friday and we’re all a buzz back at Bakers HQ to plan the new installations coming in over the next few months! Oh and the new pouch maker that was delivered on Monday is all set up and ready to run tests over the weekend!


Sometimes when you buy a press the sales hype does not meet the expectations.

The first 200K installed in January this year has definitely met the hype so there was no need to hesitate, and we have chosen to continue down a path we know is the right one.

It’s the beauty of remaining an independent, family run business that Bakers has the agility to make these quick decisions.

When asked about the latest investments for the business Steve said,

“We have been seriously impressed with the performance and productivity levels of the 200k that we installed in January this year. This has enabled us to go for and win larger contracts with confidence which is excellent news for our business. We are confident this growth will continue and to ensure we are able to maintain an excellent, fast service the second 200k press was an easy choice to make.
The way the HP team was able to react at such short notice to put this deal together was very impressive and I look forward to more collaboration with the guys in the future! “

The Durst TAU 340 RSC will be our first investment with the Italian based manufacturer.

Tom Baker was instrumental in the decision to buy the new inkjet press,

“This press will take our inkjet quality to a new level. The team will be excited to get their hands on this one!”

Simon Cosh, from Durst added,”I’m absolutely delighted that Bakers have placed their faith and invested in the Durst Tau RSC. It’s the first RSC with LED and the new Hawk Ai scanning system in the UK so the height of inkjet technology. We look forward to a fruitful partnership that pushes the boundaries and capabilities of inkjet for labels and packaging.”

It really has been quite the week for us here at Bakers and BakPac, with a lot more to come in next weeks and months.


HP Indigo 200k at Drupa 2024

2nd HP Indigo 200K for BakPac @ Baker Labels

Signing the deal for the HP INdigo 200k at Drupa 2024

2nd HP Indigo 200K for BakPac @ Baker Labels

First Durst Inkjet press for Bakers at Drupa 2024

1st Durst Inkjet Press for Baker Labels

Tom Baker signs the deal for the Durst inkjet at Drupa 2024

Tom Baker signs the deal for the Durst TAU 340 RSC.

Drupa 2024 Jump in the air

What a great couple of days at Drupa 2024

Galaxy Packtech pouch maker installed

1st Galaxy Pouch Line installed in new Factory

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