Since the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on Sunday evening we have been struggling with the questions, “Do we continue production or close? Do we ask our staff to travel in or stay at home?”

I know we are not alone in this moral dilemma. Today over 70% of the orders received are for food, drink and medical products. If the labels are not produced the products cannot be sold. Therefore we have to continue to provide this “essential” service but you can be reassured that we have taken every precaution possible to reduce the risk to our employees. Everyone that can work from home is doing so; social distancing measures are in place throughout the factory and hand washing / sanitising and hard surface cleaning is going crazy.

Raw material supplies are causing some issues for the larger bulk runs but for short to medium we are okay.

So at this point we are producing on all departments and able to keep supply chains running during these challenging times.

We hope everyone stays safe out there and we look forward to better times in the future.

The Bakers Team