Last year Bakers was fortunate enough to be able to donate over £56,000 to various charities. While we were able to stay open and in production as an essential business, many charities lost funding and needed as much support as possible for them to continue the important jobs that they do.

This year we have continued this charitable spirit and within the first 5 months of year we have already donated over £8,000.



Bakers’ latest donation is £500 worth of subscriptions to The Bobby Moore Academy in East London. is an online revision aid with over 1350 video tutorials in the critical subjects of English and Maths that help students revise exam questions, techniques and subject material. The Pay it Forward campaign is designed to help students who cannot afford a private tutor. After such a difficult year for students and teachers Bakers felt strongly about supporting the GCSE students in our community.

Kids Inspire

This year Bakers so far has donated £5,000 to Kids Inspire after they were sadly targeted by vandals. The charity’s headquarters were broken into, causing significant damage to the facilities, and robbed of petty cash. All this was done while staff were out fundraising in the Captain Tom 100 Challenge. Kids Inspire is a local charity who supports children and families who have suffered trauma or mental health issues. We have been a corporate supporter of Kids Inspire for many years so were there to help without hesitation.

Brentwood Foodbank

Bakers also has donated £1000 worth of groceries to the Brentwood Foodbank earlier in April. Sadly, each year more and more families rely on foodbanks. In 2019/20 approximately 1.9 million people used a foodbank in the UK and the Brentwood foodbank alone provided 1,088 three-day emergency food supplies to people last year. This bleak reality shows how vital it is for foodbanks to have the support of their local communities and how much Bakers donation will help.

‘Thank you so much for the donation made to Brentwood Foodbank; and for your continued support. Your generosity enables us to provide much needed assistance to local families and individuals. From everybody at Brentwood foodbank, Thank you!’


at Brentwood Foodbank

Donating to charity and good causes has always been important to Managing Director Steve Baker; since the move to Brentwood in 2011 Bakers has donated over £150,000.