Bakers is a corporate supporter of many local charities but with the rise in urgency for individuals and businesses to to be more environmentally aware, Managing Director Steve Baker felt like it was time to take action. As part of Bakers’ plan to increase our sustainability, we have become Essex Wildlife Trust members.


Bakers is pleased to announce that it is now a platinum member of Essex Wildlife Trust.


This corporate membership will allow us to sponsor the charity in its sustainable endeavours and projects. Essex Wildlife Trust protects wildlife through landscape conservation and education. It is the county’s leading conservation charity, committed to protecting wildlife. The organisation is supported by over 1900 volunteers, 38,000 members and manages 8,400 acres of land, along with 11 Nature Discovery Centres across Essex.

Platinum membership presentation

Grant Maton and Karen Dixon from Essex Wildlife Trust presenting the platinum membership to Steve Baker.

We’re a company with a conscience and we are upping our game to reduce our carbon footprint.


As a label and flexible packaging production facility, Bakers unavoidably uses a lot of energy and creates a lot of waste. (We do ensure none of our waste goes to landfill, it is all burned for waste to energy.) We are  committed to minimising our environmental impact in various ways, including reducing our carbon footprint by offsetting. This can be done in many ways such as planting trees, and so it was decided the best place to do that was in our own community. Bakers wanted to be directly involved with projects in Essex that make a positive difference to wildlife and our environment.

Not only will this partnership with EWT help the company’s environmental conscience, it also enhances our staff’s wellbeing. Staff will have the confidence that they work for a socially responsible company, in addition to improving the surrounding environment they live and/or work in. Working with the charity will also give staff opportunities to volunteer for projects such as the saltmarsh restoration scheme.

Within the Bakers factory grounds is a small woodland area. As part of our membership, Essex Wildlife Trust is helping make the area more wildlife friendly. They have provided tips to create bio-diversity and structure in the wood, maximising opportunities for shelter, food and water for wildlife. For example, creating log and brash piles and planting native hedgerow species to create some low level cover and scrub. This little project will provide some hands-on-work for volunteers at Bakers. Staff can enjoy spending some time outdoors, different to their usual working day.

As an Essex Wildlife Trust Platinum Member, we are looking forward to seeing the good we can do by working together.


It’s a great way to engage staff with what’s going on with the environment, the benefits of being in nature and things they can do themselves. It’s that kind of information that we can share with staff.

Karen Dixon

Essex Wildlife Trust

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