In the production of self-adhesive labels, we extract numerous sturdy cardboard cores from primary material reels each week, which unfortunately cannot be utilised for our printed label reels due to their mismatched weight.

Amid our collective push for environmental responsibility and recycling, we were not comfortable with this. Therefore since 2018, we’ve been sending these discarded cardboard cores to various zoos and wildlife parks. By doing so, we’ve transformed what would have been waste into valuable resources for animal enrichment, aligning with our commitment to recycling as well as contributing positively to animal welfare.

Cardboard cores

In the past our carboard cores have been enjoyed by animals ranging from bears, elephants and painted dogs. Our most recent contribution was to multiple parks in the surrounding area. Thank you to Hopefield Animal Sanctuary and Paradise Wildlife Park who kindly shared some photos of their animals using the cores.

Gecko at Paradise Wildlife Park
Porcupine at Paradise Wildlife Park
Tiger at Paradise Wildlife Park
Guinea Pigs and Hopefield Sanctuary

If you have a use for our carboard cores let us know! We would be happy send them to you free of charge so they can be repurposed.