Essex Wildlife Trust joined Bakers staff for a “Lunch and Learn” session

Baker Labels welcomed Karen Dixon and Grant Maton from the Essex Wildlife Trust this week. They were here to provide staff with an informal “lunch and learn” session. During the presentation we learned more about the work the trust does and how we can all be more involved and engaged in our environment.

The session contributed to our continual wellbeing at work program, engaging staff to help improve and maintain their mental and physical health. By exploring the beautiful Essex countryside and being more aware of the nature surrounding us, we can lift our spirits and energy levels.

Lunch and learn session

Environmental Projects

Those involved enjoyed hearing about the different ongoing projects involving Essex Wildlife Trust including:


Baker Labels has been a corporate platinum member of Essex Wildlife Trust since October 2021.

This is part of our ongoing sustainability project to improve our environmental standing and our green credentials. Not only will this partnership with EWT help the company’s environmental conscience, it also enhances our staff’s wellbeing. Staff will have the confidence that they work for a socially responsible company, in addition to improving the surrounding environments they live and work in.

What Bakers staff thought of the session

“I really enjoyed it! I love learning more about the world outside and I’d be well up for helping out if we ever arrange some volunteering with them through work” Hollie, Despatch